Tips on Controlling Bermuda grass

Do Lawn Work in Spring or Fall
Bermuda is the ultimate summer grass. To keep Bermuda grass away from your garden, be sure to fertilize the grass you DO want in the spring and fall when Bermuda grass is less susceptible to take the encouragement as well.

Do Not Fertilize During Summer Months
This logically means that you shouldn’t fertilize during the summer months. Bermuda Grass will thrive off of the fertilizer exactly when you don’t want it to.

Last Resort: Start from Scratch
Most non-selective herbicides will eradicate all plants in your garden, but if any of the plants survive, Bermuda grass, a true survivor, will be one of the most likely to.

Because it is so difficult to get 100-percent coverage of Bermuda grass eradication, only reseed in September when you’re pretty sure all the Bermuda is gone. Some gardeners recommend that you go through several rounds of herbicide before reseeding (in September). The idea being to let the Bermuda grass continue to expose itself until you’ve got it once and for all.

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