Facts about Lawn Mower Safety:

Facts about lawn mower safety:

Nearly 75,000 Americans are seriously injured in lawn mower accidents each year. About 10,000 of those injuries involve children.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery and the American Academy of Pediatrics both recommend that children not operate a lawn mower until they are 16 years old.
Children should never ride as a passenger on a lawn mower. Children on riding mowers have the potential to fall and be run over by the mower, resulting in serious injury and/or amputation of the extremities.

Any time adults are using a lawn mower, they should make sure to keep children out of the yard and in a well-supervised area to avoid injury.

Lawn mower operators should wear protective gear including pants, steel-toed boots, goggles and ear protection, excluding portable music players.

Make sure all debris (rocks, sticks and toys) are removed from the yard before you begin mowing. Loose objects can project out of the lawn mower and cause serious injury.

Riding mowers have the potential to tip or roll over if used on slopes or steep hills, which can result in serious injury.

Always read the lawn mower owner’s manual for operating and care instructions. The owner’s manual will provide instruction on fueling the machine and on proper use.

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