Dying Grass? – Altoona, Blair County PA

As I drive around, I notice almost everywhere everyones grass is burnt and on the edge death. Of course it will replenish itself over time, but if you are interested in bringing it back sooner, or preventing it from burning in the first place. We have put together some information to help you out.

First, if it does not need mowed, don’t mow it. Even though it hurts company income, whenever we head to someones house and the grass is not long enough to cut without taking the change of burning it, we suggest not mowing it. Try bi-weekly instead of weekly. Prevention is always easier and cheaper than recovery.

If you must cut it, try to only go over the areas that need it and raise the blade to around 3 1/2 – 3 1/4 inches. This will ensure that the grass being cut will not be burnt and the clippings will be thrown around to help replenish nutrients needed by your lawn this time of the year.

Second, check the weeds in your lawn. If you have a lot of crab grass or other common weeds ( click here to view images and descriptions of the most common weed types ) it might be time to invest in some weed control products. The weeds in your lawn can be sucking up the water and nutrients that your grass needs. Making the weeds stronger and the grass weaker.

Third, irrigation. Try to water the lawn every 2-3 days allowing around 2-3 inches of water to really soak into the soil. A good-deep watering every 2-3 days is 100 times better than a quick watering every day.

Finally, if the none of the above are working out for you. Try some starter fertilizer with added weed control supplements. Liming is also another option but fertilizer is a lot easier and in some cases more effective. Be sure to water the fertilized area.

If you are having problems, give us a call. We can help you get your lawn back to green instead of yellow-brown. And we provide free estimates for all projects. (814) 515-3114

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