What is a Lawn Care Specialist

Once a garden is planted, grass takes root, and trees begin to grow in your front yard, other things start to happen which are dangerous to your wonderfully landscaped lawn. Those plants, grasses, and trees can become diseased, they can get overgrown, turn into regular rest stops for pests, and eventually disappear, crowded out by weeds.

Lawn care specialists work for lawn care agencies. They work alone or in teams, providing all sorts of services to private residences, governments, hospitals, corporate buildings. Virtually where ever there is a lawn, there will be lawn care specialists. These individuals mow grass, seed lawns, apply fertilizer and pest control, and trim hedges and trees. They consult with clients on proper maintenance practices, and often return for follow up visits to ensure the treatments’ success.

Some lawn care specialists work with pesticides, fungicides, and other chemicals to prevent disease and insects from damaging a landscaped environment. Other lawn care specialists work with environmental methods, in an effort to preserve the ecological environment of the lawn and its surroundings.

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