11-year-old Chatham boy runs own landscaping business

An 11 year old boy in Chatham Borough seems to be running a pretty successful lawn care business on his own.

“The lawns he works get professional treatment. He goes over every inch of every yard — front and back.”

“I can’t leave something messy when I have my name on it”

A couple years ago, when a tree fell across the street from Robbie’s home and the fire department came because of downed wires, Robbie was there, too.

“He had the turnout gear, the helmet, the whole works,” said Chatham Detective Ed Uranyi. “He helped me put up the crime scene tape. It was really cute.”

But now Robbie is the one giving orders. The landscaping business began in the fall of 2009 when he was 9. Now 11, Robbie runs a full-service operation, taking care of the lawn during the summer, the leaves in the fall and the snow in the winter. He’ll even clean off your car on snowy mornings.

Robbie, his mother Sally said, has always had a serious side to him — the kind of kid who played cops and robbers but insisted on being the cop.
“He only ever wanted to be the good guy,” she said.

Good luck kid!

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