Poison ivy is growing more dangerous because of global warming.. Protect yourself.

I read an article today – I recently got a bad case of the poison ivy rash, stumbled upon this article and found it interesting.

Increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is causing the plants to grow bigger and produce more urushiol, the oil that causes an immune reaction in human skin.

Self Defenses from Poison Ivy?Poison Ivy When in areas where poison ivy grows, use a barrier cream such as Ivy Block to prevent urushiol from getting on our skin. Wear heavy protective gloves and clothing. Also use gloves to bathe your pet if you think that the animal has been exposed to poison ivy.

If you think you have been exposed:
Wear clean gloves when removing clothing and shoes that have come in contact with the plant. Thoroughly scrub exposed skin with lots of soap and lukewarm water within 5 to 10 minutes of touching the plant.

Never burn poison ivy plants. Doing so releases urushiol, which can cause severe lung damage if inhaled.


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