Give Yourself a Lawn You Can Enjoy

Your lawn is your carpet in the summer; a soft surface to run, play, and relax on .. So why does it have all those bald spots and thinning patches?

Lego Services knows how to repair bald spots and thinning patches in as little as 20 minutes!

If your lawn has patches and holes, seeding can easily help fill in the blanks. A generally healthy looking lawn with just a few trouble spots doesnt have to be a challenge. Spot seeding will probably work nice for you.

Fixing a bare spot is completed in a few easy steps. Lego Services currently offers a $15.00 sales for fixing bare spots in the blair county area! It is simple, you rake the dead grass and debris from the bare spot area. Then use a garden rota tiller to losen up and freshen the soil. Then you apply some starter fertilizer with some pre-eminent weed control suppliments and grass seed. In about a week or two with proper watering the bare spot will be no more. After a few mows the grass will blend in with your existing lawn!

If you are interested check out or call us for more information at (814) 515-3115.

We look forward to fixing that bare spot for you!

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