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11-year-old Chatham boy runs own landscaping business

An 11 year old boy in Chatham Borough seems to be running a pretty successful lawn care business on his own.

“The lawns he works get professional treatment. He goes over every inch of every yard — front and back.”

“I can’t leave something messy when I have my name on it”

A couple years ago, when a tree fell across the street from Robbie’s home and the fire department came because of downed wires, Robbie was there, too.

“He had the turnout gear, the helmet, the whole works,” said Chatham Detective Ed Uranyi. “He helped me put up the crime scene tape. It was really cute.”

But now Robbie is the one giving orders. The landscaping business began in the fall of 2009 when he was 9. Now 11, Robbie runs a full-service operation, taking care of the lawn during the summer, the leaves in the fall and the snow in the winter. He’ll even clean off your car on snowy mornings.

Robbie, his mother Sally said, has always had a serious side to him — the kind of kid who played cops and robbers but insisted on being the cop.
“He only ever wanted to be the good guy,” she said.

Good luck kid!

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Angie’s Lists Tips to Find The Best Lawn Care Company – I Think We Are Good!

  • Check with to get feedback from your area about lawn care companies.

    I do not think Angie’s List even has anything on our area at this time..

  • Be sure the company meets state and local regulations. Insurance, Licenses, and any certifications needed for chemical spraying.

    All check except certifications for chemical spraying – we don’t do pesticides and other similar chemicals

  • Be weary of any company that promises a quick cure. Plants are living organisms and require special treatment. Quick fixes may actually cause more damage than anything else. And a damaged plant takes that much longer to cure.

    We find the root of the problem, and discuss what we think with you. We research before we take action. Measure twice, cut once. No fast acting sprays here1 (unless they are weeds, of course).

  • Any changes to a contract or service agreement should be brought to a customers attention and signed off by all parties involved.

    We have a Service Agreement, no contract. If the service agreement is changed, we make it known that it is changed. If you do not agree with the changes, you do not have to accept it. We put customer satisfaction first. And our agreement helps us provide just that!

  • A good lawn care company will offer tips and suggestions to home owners for no other purpose than to just help out.

    We do this often!

  • Manage your expectations. Be aware that jobs may be delayed because of weather or a lack of supplies. Check that contingencies are included in the written contract.

    If a delay occurs and your service is not completed within one week, it’s free. Says so right in our agreement.

We think we scored really high with this list. What do you think?

Angie’s List actually compiled a pretty useful blog post. Check it out!

Building a new Deck that LASTS.

While deck construction is not a service we offer, and really has nothing to do with lawn care, we were recently emailed about a blog article posted at with details on how to build a deck that lasts. After reading the article, we have decided to share it with our viewers so it may benefit you as well.

10 ways to build a deck that LASTS
Have you ever seen a home that has a dilapidated deck on it? It can ruin the whole appearance of a house. If a deck is constructed properly to begin with, and then properly maintained, there is no reason for this to happen. Following are ten important ingredients to building a deck that will last.

  1. Post foundations
  2. Support posts
  3. Attachment to house
  4. Fasteners
  5. Deck joists
  6. Decking lumber
  7. Weather protection
  8. Vinyl decks
  9. Compost decks

We are not going to share all the details and descriptions of the ingredients here, as the post is not originally ours. However you can view the entire article here

Stihl – Frys Power Equipment, Altoona PA

Springs coming, and with spring mean new projects around the house. Outdoor projects often require the use of power equipment. Whether you need to purchase equipment, rent, or higher a professional, we want to make sure you check for Stihl power equipment first!

Best Bang for the Buck
Stihl’s power equipment provides the best bang for the buck. I have tried other power tools from craftsman, Troy-Bilt, John Deere (do not get us wrong, we love John Deere mowers!), and many other brands. None of them compare to the reliability and power that you receive from Stihl. The Yard Boss can be transformed into an aerator, tiller, dethatcher, and even a high powered brush that is gentle enough to clean out flower beds. The BR600 Magnum remains unmatched when it comes to a backpack blower. It is strong enough to move snow with little problem, and it is not even the highest model available. And the weed whackers, forget bog downs. And we are not even going to get started on the chain saws!


Fry’s Power Equipment

After shopping around for outdoor power equipment, we here at Lego Services would like to give a personal recommendation for Fry’s Power Equipment.

Exceptional Service
Fry’s has exceptional knowledge on every single piece in the store. They have the answers from repairs to the simple how do I .. questions that might come up.

Warranties are honored, and most repairs are completed at the shop.

Family Business
At Fry’s you get the feeling that you are dealing with an old fashioned ma-and-pap operating. Friendly and Professional at the same time, with hands on demonstrations of how to properly handle the equipment – Fry’s makes sure that you are comfortable before your purchase. The equipment that we purchased even came with a full tank of gas!

Lego Services Sticks with Stihl Equipment!
Visit for a list of all services available and get that project completed, the right way.

Have you shopped at Fry’s in the past? Have a review, or want to add a comment to this post? Please do so below.