Six Tricks to Organic Weed control

  • Use ground covers. Plants that grow wildly and remain low to the ground can choke out the sunlight and nutrients that weeds need to thrive. An added bonus? They can often eliminate the need for mowing, too.

  • Mulch like mad. The use of organic mulch can block sunlight, and thus kill weeds before they have a chance to become a problem. Mulch also keeps your lawn looking neat and tidy.

  • Raise the mower’s cutting height. Let your grass grow a bit taller to choke out weeds. A little competition can do your lawn a world of good!

  • Watch out for weeds in compost. Avoid putting weed clippings in your compost pile, but if you must, make certain your compost is completely broken down before spreading it on your lawn or garden. This helps eliminate the possibility of seeds germinating and undoing all your hard work.

  • Give your garden the good news! Newspapers are biodegradable and kind to the environment, while forming a perfect barrier for weeds. Lay newspaper between rows of emerging plants, wet them thoroughly to keep them in the proper place, and then cover the papers with a layer of straw.

  • Pull them. Some weeds can tough it out, despite your best efforts. Every few days, look for those hardy weeds, and simply pull them out of the ground by hand.
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