More than 10,000 children are injured a year by riding lawn mowers.

These days, lawn mowers are almost in everyones garage. They are almost as common as cars. And just as dangerous.
Everyone needs to remember: the lawn mower sitting in your garage is alot moe than just a simple power tool. Each year there are roughly 75,000 + adults and children injured by lawn care equipment.

With a little bit of effort and the proper safety procedures, these accidents – sometimes life threatining – can easily be avoided.

So before you pull your lawn mower out of the garage, we urge you take follow a few safety guidelines to avoid injury upon yourself, your family, and others.

“A lawn mower definitely has the potential to become an extremely dangerous instrument when it’s used carelessly or without the proper safety precautions,” she warns. “Lawn mower injuries can be devastating to the patients and their families, so it’s important to never take lawn mower safety for granted. The vast majority of lawn mower injuries are preventable.”
– Marie Lozon, UMHS Pedriatic Emeregency Medicine.

Riding lawn mowers often case the most accidents a year. Letting your children ride the mower with you or even without is one of the most dangerous courses of action. Young children can easily slip off while the mower is still running. Even with the knew weight sensors in the seats that automatically shut off newer models, there is still an extrem risk. And the outcome of the risk is something that i don’t even want to think of, being the father of two little girls, I could not imagine.

Lozon says this type of occurrence can result in the child’s hands, feet or entire body being run over by the mower, often resulting in limb amputation or a life-long debilitation injury.

n addition, any time adults are using lawn mowers, they should make sure to keep children out of the yard and in a well-supervised area to avoid injury. Nearly 10,000 children in America are injured each year as the result of a lawn mower accident.

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