Getting your lawn mower ready for spring.. What you should consider.

Honestly, most of these should be completed at the end of the mowing season – if not during it. But if you are behind on the schedule, follow these tips to keep your equipment tip-top.

Remove the spark plug

First thing is first, for safety reasons you are going to need to remove the spark plug. This prevents the mower from turning on and stops anyone from loosing any fingers. It is better to be safe than sorry, so do not skip this step.

Change the oil

Changing your machines oil is critical to the upkeep of your mower. Consider it a car – would you keep driving for over an entire year before changing the oil? Don’t neglect the mower, change the oil. It is pretty inexpensive and it keeps things moving at there best. Some Troy Bilt tune up kits cost as low as $10.00 at Lowe’s.

Clean the deck of your mower

Cleaning under the deck of your mower helps prevent uneven cuts, strain on your equipment, and gives you a chance to check the condition of the blades. All season long you should clean grass clippings from your machinery – grass clippings contain moisture, moisture creates rust, rust destroys metal. Keep your equipment longer and clean it out. Most mowers come with an hose attachment these days for easy lower deck cleaning.

Sharpen the blades

Getting the blades sharpened is essential. Dull blades will cause dead grass, it’s a fact. Sharp blades cut the grass smoothly and evenly. Dull blades rip and generate uneven cuts. Ripped grass blades results in brown patches and an ugly lawn. Sharpening can be done yourself, but it is recommended to have a professional sharpen the blades for you. If they are too damaged and nicked, consider replacing them altogether. Sharp blades are the number 1 factor in having a beautiful lawn. Don’t cheat and use the same dull blade.

Lubricate the mowing parts

Keep everything moving smooth. Oil the bearings ant all over rotating parts on your mower. Lubricated machines last longer and run better. Take a simple glance at your owners manual to see what the manufacturer recommends as far as lubricants – sometimes things are over looked.


Cared for machines last longer and perform better. We have had a John Deere mower for over 12 years – runs like new. The key: we take the time to care for it. We all know outdoor equipment is not cheap – put the time into your investment and it will last until you are ready for a new one.

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